Friday, February 17, 2017

Story of S______ list of variable names

I was at one time a computer programmer.  In computer programming, we had variables, and usually a program started with a declaration of the variables, or comments explaining them. I had this idea that it would be fun to write a book that was like a compute program in this way, where the characters and places all had variable names.

In fact, in other fiction books, the character and place names are really variables as well, since they're just fictional names that represent the character.  However, in this book, the variable names were more explicitly such.  I have a list of the variable names, or abbreviations, as I called them near the start of the book, after the forward.

Someone brought to my attention that if you're reading this book in e-book format, it's hard to refer back to the list of abbreviations; so I thought maybe it would be helpful to just put the list of abbreviations in a blog here, to make it easier to refer to when you're reading the book

S. F-R, Jr. — the male lead
W. F-R — wife of the male lead
W. F-R, Jr. — daughter of W. & S.
WS1 — first son of W. & S.
WS2  — second son of W. & S.
S* — deceased mother of the male lead
S. F-R — deceased father of the male lead
A. M. — the female lead
A* — husband of the female lead
A3 — first son of A. & A*
A4 — second son of A. & A*
CityOne — where S. lives
StateOne — as state distant from CityOne
Rivertown — where A. lives, lesser suburb
MountainOne — where S. has a vacation homes
ShoreOne — where S. had another vacation home
Mountain Twenty-five — where A. has a vacation home, a much lesser resort area
J. — a 'friend' of S.
WarmIsland — location of the estate of S.'s stepfather
SuburbOne — where W.'s parents live
V. — a friend of A.
AirportSix — a small airport near CityOne
A. D. — one of S's former girlfriends
C. J. — another of S's former girlfriends
Ms. F. — an attorney
CountySeat — a small city near Rivertown
BigPharamceutical — C. J.'s employer

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