Tuesday, February 14, 2017

anti-trump Limericks

I didn't write these, but I'm copying them with permission of the author, John Major

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan's both craven and weak,
as he kisses Don's ass cheek by cheek.
The head of the House
has the spine of a mouse;
when he speaks it is more like a squeak.

Mike Flynn

Good riddance to slimeball Mike Flynn,
whose own falsehoods have just done him in.
This egregious baboon
is gone none too soon,
one more turd in the Trump garbage bin.


Our president, Donald Smallhands,
takes unconstitutional stands,
and backed by the mob
thinks a citizen's job
is to do as His Smallness commands.
Like his hands, his mind is quite small,
and he can't keep his eye on the ball;
though Wharton's his boast,
his brain cells are toast
and he seems to know nothing at all.


That bad piece of work Kellyanne
has The Dump in the palm of her hand.
What so e're he might say
she explains it away,
and keeps lying as fast as she can.

I wish I could figure out how to fix the background color for text that's copied from somewhere else

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