Monday, January 30, 2017

Meme: If you voted for Trump, you should be angry

This is a meme.  I didn't write this.  I was encouraged to copy & paste it & modify it as I desired.  I haven't modified the version I received.  Feel free to copy & paste.

If you voted for the President because you believe in fiscal conservatism, you should be furious that your tax dollars are going to build a wall that will have zero impact on the effects of immigration.
If you hate the left because of "Political Correctness," you need to be asking yourself if you're okay with the President censoring communications from MULTIPLE government organizations like the National Park Service, the EPA and more.
If you voted because you hated Secretary Clinton's email server, I expect you to be calling your representatives to ask why Steve Bannon and others continue to use their unsecured personal emails and why your president is still using an unsecured Android device.
If you believe that fertilized eggs are people but refugee children are not, you need to stop acting like your concerns are religious.
If you voted because you believed they would better protect you against terrorists, you need to ask yourself why it's okay that your president just took away $130 million in anti-terror funds from New York with his punishment of Sanctuary Cities.
If you are angry that your insurance is too expensive, you should ask why your senators are repealing ACA without a replacement, an action that will leave 20 million people without insurance at all (AND for those with pre-existing conditions, they may never receive coverage again should they change employers.)
If you wanted to bring jobs back to the US you should be angry that Mar a Lago just hired another round of international workers, over Americans (nice modeling, Pres Trump.)
If you were concerned with national security I expect you to be concerned with the restructuring of the National Security Council with an anti semitic, fascist, racist, misogynistic domestic abuser.
If you believe the Clinton Initiative provided unequal treatment to countries that supported their foundation, you should be livid that your president has moved to block visas from Muslim countries like Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, but not places where he has business ties like Egypt, Qatar, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia (which btw, are countries where the perpetrators of the 9/11 airplane hijacking hailed from.)
This is an opportunity to prove that you voted for the reasons you told me you did. I am taking you seriously, I am taking you literally.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Monica Crowley

I just got some links about Monica Crowley that I want to put all in one place.

Apparently, she is totally ignorant of the history of the Berlin Wall

Also, she allegedly plagiarized a significant piece of her dissertation.

Hopefully an ethics screening weeds her out?

Friday, January 6, 2017

Climate Change

I usually consider myself a liberal. 

I'm not entirely liberal about climate change.

When I look at historical temperature curves and look at these ice age cycles, the timelines are really compressed.  That has to do with the huge amounts of time covered and also the mixing of sediments in the core samples that they take, samples which help them look at historical climate indicators.

Core samples are cylindrical samples of dirt that are taken through the surface of the earth and show sediment layers. The sediment layers are studied for evidence of past chemical reactions that signal vegetation activity, which can be tied to temperature.

Measuring these layers is not like measuring areas above ground.  These layers have been accumulating for millions of years, and mixing as they accumulate.  They're a mess. They're dirt. 

When you look at a meteorological systems, you usually see hysteresis -- delays in reactions.  For instance, the coldest months of winter are January and February -- after the solstice; and the hottest months of summer are July and August -- again after the solstice.

It seems to me very likely that the shapes of the curves that are derived from studying sediment samples would not show hysteresis in the systems -- because they just aren't that precise.

That's always been my suspicion.

Then I see this article

hinting at how an ice age could come out of warming.  That just tends to confirm my suspicions.


I also wonder why we're so convinced that warming is a bad thing.  We're well into where we should have been on the downward temperature curve towards an ice age.  Would we really rather be in an ice age?  Is that really good for people?  Wouldn't it be better simply to move climate refugees to higher ground if the ocean is rising?