Thursday, April 12, 2012

Statistics show more unmarried parents having babies and also many people postponing children until later in life, see

Marriage has become a fraudulent institution -- promoting conspicuous consumption in the form of elaborate weddings with no real commitment attached, and enormous financial and legal ramifications, both in the areas of tax and divorce. It is no wonder that no one has confidence in it any more, except for gay people, who crave it mostly because it is denied them. 

Unfortunately, the current situation promotes huge numbers of children being raised in poverty.

Moreover, older parents are not better parents. The latest psychological studies show that children of fathers over 35 have increased instances of ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome, and bi-polar disorder -- and the instances increase with increasing age. With older parents, the kids' childhood is clouded with the mood swings of the mother's perimenopause and the father's male midlife crisis. Such kids -- and I was one of them -- grow up in an unhealthy atmosphere of extreme drama. 

Contraception allows people to postpone children. In fact, there is no convenient time to have kids. It's always inconvenient. Postponing children has its own risks. I know many baby boomers who intensely regret their decisions not to have children.

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