Saturday, April 28, 2012

Comments regarding excluding kids from Lady Gaga's concert in Korea

I personally love Gaga, but I am 55.  I can see rating her concerts R.  I don't think she does the most extreme things in the concerts like she does on some of the videos.

Gaga is wonderfully creative.

Yes, she does things with the intention of shocking.  Yes, I think somehow the more we try to shock the less shocking everything becomes and we have to keep upping the shock value to get the same result -- which is a bit frightening.  Nevertheless, what she does is really art.  It's not porn.  It's not done with the intent of titillating.  It's done with the intent of making us think, and think deeply.

For instance, we might feel uncomfortable seeing men in fishnets & high heels, but in fact that's just a fashion prejudice.  We might feel comfortable seeing Gaga pretend to give birth, but giving birth is not fundamentally an obscene thing.

For all Gaga's desire to be bisexual and include gays in her performance, her personal life shows pretty clearly that she is straight -- that she cannot choose to be bi, even if she wants to be, because she wasn't born that way.  For me, that is, one of the more thought-provoking parts of this story.

And the dancing and choreography are beyond fabulous.

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