Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Trump breaking promises

As you know, if you have been reading this blog, I am not a Trump supporter.

However, there were some things that he said that I liked.  I liked that he sounded less hawkish than Hillary.  He didn't want us to be the international police. He wanted to be friends with Russia.

Hillary sounded more like business as usual.

On the international front, business as usual hasn't been very good, please see my former blog at Iran Bitter Harvest

I even had a more tolerant view of Russia than most Americans and liked his stance on being friends with Russia, please see my former blog at Russia v Ukraine a dissenting view

Hillary's hawkishness was one thing that I really didn't like about her. I often found myself arguing with my fellow Hillary supporters, who felt that Trump's mercurial temperament made him more likely to get us involved in a war than Hillary, who seemed relatively calmer.  I said that Trump had repeatedly criticized our war efforts.  It seemed very unlikely to me that he would be more likely to get us involved in a war than Hillary.

Then I see this budget.  He's increasing military spending.  That's so disappointing from someone who was anti-war and who was supposedly a business man who was going to help us get into a fiscally sounder position.

Of course, also, he said that he was for clean air and water, but then he's slashing the EPA.  He seems to have a vendetta against the EPA -- and the FDA -- seemingly unaware of how these two agencies protect all of us from being poisoned.  That's very disappointing as well. 

He's just sounding more and more like a traditional Republican, which is not, I don't think, what people voted for when they voted for him.

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