Thursday, December 22, 2016

Comments on spurious ethics allegations against Clinton

Hillary ethics list

I haven’t found a complete response to this and I’m not able to check everything, but I do have thoughts about it.

It's harder for very ethical people, like Hillary, to respond to spurious allegations of corruption, because she doesn't understand them.  They seem beneath contempt to her.  Unfortunately, because they seemed beneath contempt, she did not respond adequately. 

Republicans have shown incredible willingness to believe unsubstantiated gossip on fake news websites, thinking them all the more believable the more they are repeated. People see corruption more when they are corrupt themselves. 

My belief is that: every time DT opened his mouth to accuse her of something, it was something he was guilty of himself -- total projection. 

Hillary is a person who has devoted her entire life to helping others.  She is not corrupt -- even though people who themselves are prone to deceit and corruption manage to distort everything she does to make it look corrupt. 

The idea that she is responsible for her husband's sexual behavior because she believed and trusted him is ludicrous.  The idea that she was responsible for Vince Foster's death is ludicrous.  If she took some things from the White House, erroneously believing that she was entitled to them, she returned them. 

The idea that she, as a secretary of state, would notice a “(c)” at the bottom of an e-mail is also ludicrous. When you’re sending e-mails to a busy top executive, you put an executive summary on the top and you mark the e-mail classified at the top.  You don’t expect a busy executive to read through to the bottom

If you think there’s an imminent attack on an embassy, you write that at the top.  You don’t expect a secretary of state to read pages and pages of reports and draw a conclusion from that that an attack is imminent.

People who are themselves not very intelligent also never understand that very intelligent people are often absent-minded and miss things.  This idea that intelligent people would never make mistakes or never miss things is dysfunctional.  This kind of perfectionism, when inflicted on children, makes them grow up to be unable to do anything, because they are so paralyzed with fear.

The way I see DT is pure corruption and flimflam.  Studies of his statements during the campaign showed them to be 4% true.

I believe urban people, being more sophisticated, see DT for what he is, while rural people are more vulnerable to unsubstantiated gossip.

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