Wednesday, August 24, 2016

on dealing with pain in program

These are some comments that I sent to a sponsee dealing with pain, both physical pain and depression.

Keep saying the serenity prayer like a mantra

The AABB teaches us that the primary causes of addictive behavior are resentment and fear.  Pain is a huge cause of resentment and fear.  We have to pray to have resentment and fear removed.

The AABB has specific prayers for this.

The resentment prayer is on p67:

"God please help me show _________ the same tolerance, pity, and patience I would cheerfully grant a sick friend. They [new singular they usage] are a sick person, place or thing.  How can I be helpful to them? God save me from being angry.  thy will be done" [paraphrased]

The fear prayer is on p68

"God please remove my fear and direct my attention to what you would have me be."

These prayers are at the heart of the psychic change we are seeking in program.  Living on the basis of faith, rather than on the basis of resentment and fear and self-reliance. 

Program does not remove physical pain, however it can remove emotions about the pain.  Often those emotions are worse than the pain itself.

In m my person experience, though, my back pain is usually due to stress.  Doing some stretching/yoga and relaxing my mind will help the spasming muscles to relax. 

When we're abstinent we feel the feelings that we were eating down with the food.  Being willing to feel these feelings, especially during the first 90 days, is another big part of program.

During the first 90 days, I thought that, if I didn't get my favorite trigger foods, I would run out into the street screaming and the neighbors would have to call the men in the little white coats to take me away. 

I worked the tools, though: meetings, phone calls, etc.  Those pulled me through until I got through the steps, which are very helpful with the emotions.

I had one sponsee who was in bed with depression for five months.  Then we went through the steps in two and a half hours on the phone and she was able to leave her bed.  It was amazing.  Bill W was a great genius.

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