Monday, May 23, 2016

Another teen suicide due to bullying

A teen suicide connected with bullying.

In this case, we have someone insecure about her race, because adopted by white parents, then bullied about her race and perceived sexual orientation.

People can be bullied for all sorts of things.  In my case, I think I was bullied because I was an Aspie.  My Aspie kids were bullied, too.  Now that’s not to say that they didn’t contribute, because they were socially inept, because they were Aspies. But, again, that was part of their disability. 

Neurotypical people think that an Aspie could just stop being socially inept.  No.  They can’t — any more than a person in a wheelchair can stand up and walk.

Tony Atwood recommends that Aspie children be appointed a mentor, preferably an older child, who can accompany them at recess and lunch and guide them through social situations.  I asked for that for my kids, but it didn’t happen.

We really need to look at this public perception that school is good for kids socially.  Really?  It seems to me that it’s a place where they’re more likely to be socially traumatized.

Did the school have notice in the case of this suicide?  How could they not have had notice if there was a shouting incident over the bullying? Moreover, if they don’t notice the bullying, they must not have enough supervision.  Bullying happens very often.  It should be expected and checked for.  Schools should not be waiting for reports.

Maybe kids need one of those pendants, like they give older people, so that they can press a button and call for help when they’re being bullied.  Perhaps kids should be given surveys monthly to ask if they’ve been bullied and get them help.

Maybe every adult should have a survey asking them whether on the whole they thought school was socially beneficial or traumatizing.  Most adults I know remember traumatic experiences and feelings of being socially stigmatized at school.

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