Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Answers to those who are suddenly abandoning Sanders

I am distressed at issues which are apparently causing former Sanders supporters to change over to Clinton.

Issue #1: He does not yet know how he will break up major banks.

This is the correct answer. Breakups of monopolies are done through the FTC.  These breakups need to be done after study and through proper legal channels.  They are not done solo by POTUS.  He should not yet know how they should be done.

Issue #2: He does not campaign for other Democratic party candidates.

He is not the machine candidate.  We already knew that.

Hillary scratched everyone’s backs carefully before running.  That’s why she has all those pledged super delegates who may give her the nomination even if Sanders wins the majority of the regular delegates.  That’s also probably why Elizabeth Warren refused to run, even though progressives wanted her to.

He’s not the machine candidate.  He was the only one who voted against the War on Iraq -- the war that has nearly bankrupted us, that was improperly and deceptively justified, that overthrew a stable government and instituted a state of violent anarchy where terrorism thrives.  He does not go along with the crowd.

He’s the one who wants Medicare for all.  He’s the only one saying that.  He does not go along with the crowd.

He’s the one saying addiction is a disease not a crime.  Hillary is the one who is saying that young people are predators, when in fact many young people of color are being entrapped by law enforcement officials who convince young people to buy and sell drugs.  Yes young people will do foolish things.  We give white young people a pass on youthful offenses.  We send young people of color to jail.  Bernie does not go along with the crowd.

Why should he be campaigning for other party candidates?  What have they done for him?  He isn’t plugged into the machine to know who to endorse — to know whose positions might be incompatible with his. 

Hillary is all plugged in, getting large donations and speaking fees from the wealthy.  Is that really what we wanted?  Isn’t that why we didn’t want her in the first place?


These issues do not persuade me to change my opinion

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