Friday, February 12, 2016

Bedwetting -- happy ending? No.

I got this casting notice


One of my sons did have a bed wetting issue up to age five or six.  He was a very sound sleeper.  He was also having sleep apnea due to enlarged tonsils and adenoids and his soft palate intersecting his pharynx.  He had the tonsils removed.  He had the adenoids removed twice. He outgrew the structural issues with his soft palate after high school, but continued to have some apnea even when 17.

When he was five or six we got one of those alarms that you put in the diaper or pull up.  He slept through it, but it woke my husband (now ex) and me up.  So we would rush in and carry him to the toilet and make him sit on it.  Eventually, after much lost sleep on our part, he did learn to get up on his own.

When this bed wetting issue arose, we read articles stating that bed wetters tend to have serious depression later in life.

Well, guess what. He has serious depression later in life.  No he isn't just fine.  He doesn't have an exciting story about his occupation, hobby, or skill.  He has a depressing story of mental illness.  Even though we worked so hard to get him to use the toilet, it didn't resolve the underlying problem, whatever that is.

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