Friday, April 5, 2013

Cross cultural ironies USA v Muslim World

I. Body parts

In the Muslim World, showing living body parts in public is regarded as obscene, but dead bodies are acceptable in news stories.

In the USA, living body parts can be shown in public and in the press, while dead bodies are considered too obscene for TV

II Clothing 1

In the Muslim World, skimpy clothing is supposed to be worn only in the privacy of the home, particularly in bed.  People are not supposed to go outside dressed like that.  Women are supposed to wear long, loose dresses outside.

In the USA, long, loose dresses are night gowns and are supposed to be worn only in bed, not outside.

III Clothing 2

In the Muslim World, covering a woman's face and body with long black robes is a symbol of virtue.

In the USA, long black robes and covering the face are symbols of death and evil, suitable for vampires and witches.

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