Thursday, October 4, 2012

Last night's presidential debate

My mother was a member of the League of Women Voters.  She taught me to be politically engaged.  Recently, I feel increasingly reluctant to go down this path.  

I watched the debate because I follow a celebrity on twitter, under another pseudonym.  This celebrity was watching the debate and tweeting funny comments about it.  There were several of us, chatting with each other, following the celebrity, following the debate, and following a fact checker.  It was a very absorbing experience, but I don't think I heard very much about what the candidates were saying.

I found listening to them very difficult.  They were hurling statements back and forth.  Often they seemed to contradict each other.  It was impossible to check what they were saying.  There wasn't time to read the links the fact checker was putting up with detailed explanations of words used, like Dodd-Frank.

Afterwards, the pollsters said viewers felt Romney had won.  I didn't feel that at all.  I  liked Obama's personality better.  He was calmer, slower -- made better use of dramatic pauses, had a more beautiful smile.   I thought Romney seemed more nervous, more aggressive.  Also, I thought Romney's smile when Obama was talking seemed sickly & weak.

This kind of confirms my feeling of being a space alien.  I can look at a situation and it seems like I see things that are different from what other people see.

I want a calm, measured person as president.  I don't want an aggressive, nervous person.

Also, I think Romney looks over-groomed and Obama looks more natural and human.  I like that more natural look.

Anyway, I'm still voting for Obama.

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