Thursday, July 12, 2012

On accepting people with mental health "disorders"

Sometimes I meet someone who I suspect of being an Aspie.  Sometimes I tell them about my suspicions.  Some people are profoundly grateful to learn of this disorder, as it explains events in their lives.  Others are insulted at the suggestion that they might have a "disorder."

I believe that the only person who lacks a mental health diagnosis is someone who has failed to consult with a mental health professional.

Supposedly the army once screened 175,000 soldiers for mental health disorders and only found 12 that were "normal."  The problem with those 12 people was that it was impossible to get them to do anything.  They were too well-adjusted to feel like they needed to please anyone or have any external accomplishments.

I do not believe that people with mental "disorders" should necessarily be medicated or fixed.  Most psychiatric medications or interventions are more for the benefit of the people around the victim than for the victim him or herself.

I would prefer that we use mental health diagnoses to understand each other better -- rather than as an excuse to try to change others.  Assuming that those who bother us require our intervention to change is self-centered.  We should try to change so we can adjust to those around us and accept them as God created them.

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