Thursday, October 6, 2011

regarding taxing fats -- a la les danois

The Danish law is entirely misconceived.  Those who propose that the US might imitate this measure must be roundly denounced.

Fat is not the evil that is so often depicted.  Fat is an essential nutrient.  Cholesterol is in every cell membrane of every cell in your body.  Fat is crucial in the formation of the myelin sheaths around your nerves.  Fat is used in the digestion of carbs.  Cholesterol is critical in brain development of fetuses.  Children under 2 should get at least half their calories from fat.  There are suspicions that people with certain brain disorders ought particularly to have fat and cholesterol, e.g. people with autistic spectrum disorders.  Cholesterol has been connected with preventing cancer.

Low fat diets were never supported by any medical evidence whatsoever.   They are a complete myth.  Low fat diets are partially responsible for the current obesity crisis.  People who try low fat diets end up bingeing on fat, because they are deprived of an essential nutrient.  This starts a yo-yo diet cycle, with every bounce taking the victim higher.

This tax is completely misconceived and very unhealthy.

update: 11/14/12

I was happy to see that this legislation was ultimately eliminated in Denmark.  Yay!

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