Thursday, September 1, 2011

On accommodating the weak of bladder

I belong to a very large, but little discussed, handicapped group. This is the group of people who have weak bladders. This group includes everyone under 5, most people over 60, and most women who have born children -- which is probably the majority of the population at this point.

Despite the large size of this group, it is little discussed -- no doubt due to embarrassment at discussing the topic.

Due to the general lack of discussion, little has been done in the way of accommodating group members. Many public facilities are not accessible to this group, due to lack of adequate toilets.

For example, I live in the NY metro area. I would very much, some year, like to attend the ball dropping event on New Year's Eve in Times Square; however, I believe this is impossible. In order to get into this event, one must show up five or six hours in advance. Then one is confined to a standing area by police barricades. And one is expected to stand there until the even occurs.

If there is no public restroom in the area where one is confined, and, if one leaves the area, one will not be able to get back.

I know I cannot stand and wait for five or six hours without using a restroom. Most people cannot.

I would like to propose legislation that every retail merchant must provide a toilet to the general public, not just their customers or employees. The merchant should be allowed to charge for use of the toilet, so long as charges are non-discriminatory. People leaving a mess in such toilets should be chargeable with a ticketable violation.

Moreover, public parks should have toilets as well.

These measures are necessary for public accessibility to members of my handicapped group.

In addition, we should have public toilets that are available all night long, even when parks and businesses are closed.  I often find myself walking through New York City and night and toilets are extremely rare.  This is an even bigger problem for the homeless. I think the right to access to a toilet is a basic human right.

How do you feel about improved accessibility of restrooms?

Addendum: 4/28/17

In view of the recent incident with Delta Airlines kicking off a passenger for needing to use the restroom, I thought this blog of new relevance, so I'm re-posting it.  This idea that a passenger has to pee himself while on the taxiway is not a good one.

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